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Gloria Roces
----------------------- Message from 50th Year Class Reunion ------------------

Just so you know a bit about me here is what happened after I graduated from Lowell.

After Lowell I went to SF College for Women (Lone Mtn) for a year and from there went to Wash.DC. where I attended and graduated from the Georgetown Univ. School of Foreign Service (during the time only 25 women were accepted annually, until the women's movement changed all that) and the Graduate School. I subsequently joined AID's (US foreign aid programme) and became a Foreign Service Officer and had assignments in Indonesia and Morocco. I traveled to Latin America and Asia with my job.

The State Dept. submitted my name as a candidate to a UN specialized agency, UN Industrial Development Programme for a post in the Europe/ Middle East programme and I got the post in the mid 70s. . It was a good career move as I subsequently became chief of the European, Global and Inter-regional programme.

Traveled on business to Asia, Africa, Middle East (often to Iraq) and extensively in Eastern Europe. I resigned from the State Dept/AID and retired from the UN some 9 yrs ago. I love living in Europe/Austria and am multi-lingual (Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and studied Arabic language for 2 1/2 yrs.). Would have reverse cultural shock if I went back to live in US. However, I travel to the US ca 3 times a yr. and in Apr/May I go regularly to SF which I love and still consider my home town. Next time I'm in SF, perhaps, we can have a mini-reunion, time and inclination permitting our fellow alumni.

My sister, Marie, also graduated from Lowell 4 yrs later, and went to Lone Mtn. for a yr and transferred to Immaculada Jr. College and George Washington Univ. in Wash.DC. She's married and lives in Albuquerque,NM. Her 3 adult children live in the East coast.

Do keep me informed of Lowell alumni activities. Would love to hear about our former classmates. The one classmate I keep in touch with is Helen (Woo) Fong whom I try to meet when in SF. Now am also in touch by e-mail with fellow grads living overseas - Karen Lizarraga in Lima Peru, and Joan Frey in Switzerland. Both attended the reunion.

Seeing the fotos received from Aki I remember Leah Labe, Phil. Sevier, Ron Darling, John Debenham, Sue Watson, Susan Hearst, Carol May, Steve Breyer (?) were also in our class. Didn't Paul Pelosi also go to Lowell during our time, he now has a super famous wife Nancy Pelosi, Madam Speaker of the House. He also went to Georgetown. I remember some of my former teachers, besides Mrs. Wallach, like Mr. Englander (who made the most impression on me) , Mr. Zimmerman, Mrs. Osuna, Mrs. Lennon etc. Don't know where my yearbook is. Must have left it somewhere. My Mom kept my memorabilia when she was alive.

Best Regards,