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Robert Pisani

----------------------- Message from 60th Year Class Reunion ------------------

tomorrow afternoon at the Spinnaker!

Not just the likely final reunion of the Lowell Class of 1956, but of the Lowell Centennial Class of 1956! Though through no special skill of our own and not worthy of the WSJ, or even the Chronicle or the Examiner (does it still exist?), and certainly not as important to the world as the JFK assassination or Elvis dying, we're a special piece of history nonetheless.

I wish I could be there Ė like that amazing noon rally when we assembled in the courtyard to see an unknown guy named Sammy Davis Jr. and, until he started, no one had any idea who he was or who he would become (nor had we of ourselves for that matter), I wish we could all be there in that courtyard again.

(The nice thing about being the DJ is you can say anything and everyone has to hear it. Like Dave Barry said about a dog, you can say any fool thing to your dog and the dog will tilt its head as if to say, "My God, you're right! I never would've thought of that!")

Holding remembrance of all those who can't be there, and sending my best to all those who are still here but canít attend and to all of you who are coming tomorrow, I do hope you all enjoy this rare day!

Bob Pisani


As you may or may not know, I was merely the voice in all the emails sent to you about this Fridayís Lowell Class of 1956 Reunion at the Spinnaker in Sausalito. The heart and soul of this enterprise, from the start when there seemed no interest in the idea, has been Lin Baer (in bygone days, when we were young, Linda Cripps).

I canít attend but Lin is making an extraordinary effort to travel all the way from Arizona to the Spinnaker on Friday in order to be there at what is likely to be the last class of 1956 reunion, where I hope she will be honored for all the effort she put in to make this happen.

Not to diminish the work of Wayne Batmale and everyone else on the reunion committee, this reunion would simply not have happened -- could not have happened -- without Lin, and she deserves every accolade for her determination and effort in drafting the materials you have received and in putting this all together in the way it needed to be done.

So please give Lin a generous hug for me and hopefully from each of you, enjoy this final celebration of our shared history from so many years ago, a rare day among your Lowell classmates one more time, and return home safe with some fine memories that will remain.



Subject: Thomas Nyhan   (Sent 12/19/2013 on notification of Tom's Passing)

it is indeed a plague
that washes us away,
one by one,
into that darkness,

like mr. perino in june of 1956,
standing on the opera house stage
calling our names and handing each of us a piece of paper
to send us out into another world.

like the 16-year old boy I was,
i wait my turn.

robert pisani