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Robin Kinkead
----------------------- Message from 50th Year Class Reunion ------------------

Hi all

Fun to read bios.

I won't be at the reunion, just got back from a trip to Turkey.
As with Ken and Dan, here's my picture. No, we don't look the same, do we. But inside me there's this 18-yr-old wondering "what the f happened?"

Retired two years back from Medtronic, a big pacemaker and defibrillator company in Minneapolis.
Living on a lake in Wisconsin in a new house we helped build. If for some unlikely reason any of you find yourselves BETWEEN the coasts instead of on them, come see us. Only have seven boats mostly small but I'm working on that.

Shorter bio than Ken's:

Went to Reed in 56, that didn't work very well, army 6 mos, graduated SF State in psychology, MA from Hopkins in same, went to work in space program at Honeywell in Mpls doing applied psych on lunar roving vehicles and space suits, married Midge, moved to Dayton, Dallas, Boston, Seattle and back to Mpls, always working in the man-machine interface dodge but computer interfaces more than gadgets (9 companies in all), got deep into the medical aspects of it at Medtronic, taught it at St. Thomas U grad program in St. Paul.

Two girls, five grandkids, still married, parents dead, sister Melanie (Lowell 63) lives in Sacto.

I have almost no hobbies - SCUBA (since 55), skydiving (Dan forgot to mention that I got him into it and took my first jump a half hour before he did so I have seniority, but only 525 jumps), skiing water skiing canoeing windsurfing cat-sailing ultralight flying (built my own, still alive!) recumbent biking (built my own) spelunking carpentry metalwork gun-making antique cars antique bikes travel-writing and folk dancing. We travel a lot now.

Have a great reunion,

Robin Kinkead