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Marty Hansen
My most significant update is my new album...samples can be heard there..

Now for sale at RV Park stores in 21 states and the Yukon. The ONLY music being offered for sale at the RV Hall of Fame & Elkhart, Indiana

All joy,

Marty Hansen

P.S. The most recent reunion was, I think, our BEST EVER!!!


----------------------- Message from 50th Year Class Reunion ------------------

Thanks, guys!

These bios are fun.

They remind how much I enjoyed Mel Prescott's 30 second bios we did at the last reunion.

I'm at my Music Row Nashville condo now, so I don't have my 8 page resume, which is home-home...between Placerville & Auburn. Or a photo. You'll have to guess which 6'4" smiling Norwegian I am next Saturday night...:+)

Six days after our Lowell graduation in January 1956, I spent four years becoming Sergeant Marty in the Marine Corps.

My proudest athletic moment after being on the first Lowell soccer team to make the playoffs in 20 years...was being Captain & MVP of the first San Francisco State team to beat often-national champion USF for the first time in the history of the competition. And being selected for the regional Olympics tryouts.

Here's an ultra-tab version of a resume I use here on Music Row, focusing on artistic stuff I have done.

I'm retired from the faculty of Chico State University, Media Arts...mostly, I taught the arrangement of words for dubious commercial purposes...:+)

My daughter is now raising my grandson in Folsom. I am reliably advised he is something of a social lion, a hot drummer, and recently triple-selected for the Spotlight Dance at Sutter Middle School's first dance of the school year.

My own next performance of 3 songs at will be November 19th.

You can listen to a 2 minute free sample of a song I co-wrote online. Song #7...."Your Present To Me"

Thanks for sharing, everyone.

All best,

Marty Hansen
January 1956