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Michael & Gerry (Giovannetti) Gospe
----------------------- Message from 60th Year Class Reunion ------------------

Unfortunately, Gerry and I will not be able to attend the reunion. Best wishes to all.


----------------------- Message from 50th Year Class Reunion ------------------

Well, here is ours to add to the mix.

Gerry (Giovannetti) and I married in 1961 and have 5 children and 6 grandchildren. I went to Cal Tech as a math major until I saw the light after two years and switched to premed. I graduated from Stanford Med School in 1964. Gerry went to USF for her R.N./PHN. We have been in Santa Rosa for the past 36 years (in the same house for 35) after having lived in 4 states and 6 cities for the first 9 years of marriage. I retired from a solo gastroenterology practice in 1999 and have been working as the Medical Director of Ethics at our local hospital for 25-28 hours/month to keep my hand in medicine and teaching. I also tutor math in the local grammar school two hours/week. Gerry got her masters in theology a number of years ago and is a spiritual director with an office in our house.

Here is a picture from our 65th birthday.

Mike and Gerry