Internet Family Tree

This Family Tree is organized by cards showing family groupings that include the individual, spouse, respective parents and children, if any exist. The Home Card, as the starting point, is "XieJieXing's" family card. To traverse the tree, you can follow any of the children's hyperlinks to branch downward through the generations to locate the desired family card. If an individual has more than one spouse, there will be a separate family card for each spouse. You need to use the alternate spouse hyperlink to view the family groups associated with the other spouse.

You can traverse back up through the tree by using either of the parental hyperlinks if information is available. e.g. From the "XieWeiDong's" Home Card, you can click on 'XieJieXing" to go up the tree to where "XieWeiDong" and his brothers are the children branches. From there, you can traverse back down again via a children branch to see the corresponding family groups.

You can also locate a specific card by using the Surnames or Index lookup to help direct your search.

Unlike the Descendants Report and Family History Report which trace only direct descendants and respective spouses, the Internet Family Tree is fully relational and can include extended family members by branching out sideways from any of the family cards.

This Family Tree is compiled with collective data contributed by various family members. If there are any inaccuracies or ommisions, please contact P. Dare and provide the needed update information to help maintain the accuracy and completeness of the Dare Family Tree.

Home Card

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