Update of Family Tree Database

This Dare Family Tree database is being compiled by Pat Dare through the collaborative contribution of information and photos from various members of the family. The maintainance of the database is an on-going process and any comments, corrections, and information regarding changes in status or additions to help make it more accurate and complete are welcomed. Please send your feedbacks and update information to me via email at PDare5@comcast.net

For each person, please supply as much of the following information as possible for entry into the family tree data base:
Name: Last, First, "Other or AKA", Title
Sex: M/F
Birth: Date, Place
Death: Date, Place
Occupation: Career / Current
Education: Degrees, Year, School
Current Residence: City, State (It's nice to know the general locale to help in planning reunions.)
Kin Relationship to Family Tree:Please note the tie to an existing branch on the tree.
Father's Name: Last, First, "Other or AKA", Title
Mother's Name: Maiden Name, First, "Other or AKA", Title
Marital: Status, Date of Ocurrence
Spouse: Last, First, "Other or AKA", Title
Children:Name of Child 1 (M/F), Name of Child 2 (M/F), ...
Notes: Special Highlights/Comments/Clarifications

If your feedback information is not in electronic form, please contact me via email so we can determine which is the best delivery process. Thank you for any assistance to this effort.